Daily Word Puzzles:

Here are my Daily Word puzzles for the last week. These are similar to the popular New York Times “Wordle” word guessing game, except upside-down (you start at the bottom and work up). Monday-Friday puzzles are 5-letter words while Sunday is a 6-letter word. On Saturdays, it is a 2-word phrase, so double the fun.

Sunday Word Flowers:

Here are the 4 most recent Sunday Word Flower anagram games:

NEW!!! Weekly (Friday) Crosswords:

I’ve now started a series of smaller weekly crossword puzzles that will be published on Fridays. These should be quicker to solve than the larger monthly puzzles:

Monthly Crossword Puzzles:

Here are all my Monthly Crossword Puzzles for 12 months. Look for a new crossword puzzle on the first of each month. Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment after you complete each puzzle.

Free Crossword puzzles and word games

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