Daily Word Puzzles:

Here are my Daily Word puzzles for the last week. These are similar to the popular New York Times 5-letter word guessing game, except upside-down (you start at the bottom and work up). Unlike the NYT game, these won’t necessarily be limited to 5 letters, nor just one word; it may be multi-word phrase (especially on Saturdays).

Sunday Word Flowers:

I’ve put the Sunday Word Flower puzzles on hold for now because website stats indicate that few people have been playing them. If you do play them and would like more, just let me know! In the meantime, here are the 4 most recent Sunday Word Flowers:

Monthly Crossword Puzzles:

Here are all my Monthly Crossword Puzzles for 12 months. Look for a new crossword puzzle on the first of each month. Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment after you complete each puzzle.

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