Upgrades and Improvements for 2022

June 4, 2022 by dmorin No Comment

Two Moon Lodge is open once again! 2022 marks our 15th year as owners of this historic wilderness retreat. We welcome back our returning guests from Canada and the United States, and look forward to meeting those who will be staying with us for the first time.

In anticipation of a busy season, we have invested significantly in upgrading some of our existing services. In addition to the regular replacement of docks, mattresses, furnishing and cabin amenities, this year we have placed a priority on improving the overall guest experience.

Increased Solar Power

New state-of-the-art solar panels and Lithium-Ion batteries now compliment our existing power system, increasing the generation and storage capacity by 30%. This assures that there will be adequate electricity 24 hours a day for things like CPAP machines and electronic devices. The system is now capable of charging most trolling motor batteries, conditions permitting.

High-speed Satellite Internet

Our Wi-fi service has taken a leap into hyperspace with the addition of Starlink Satellite Internet. Guests can expect data speeds in the area of 100mb/sec in the outdoor kitchen area. The improved Wi-fi is adequate for most browsing, streaming and communication needs, but may not be suitable for uninteruppted video conferencing or gaming–but, really, we are at a camp!

Our guests have also noticed that cell reception has improved in the cabins and Bell data plans are working in most areas of the property.

Motorboat upgrades include a brand new 20hp Honda outboard with electric start that is available in the 16 foot upgrade boat package. Guests can now choose from 4 upgraded 16 foot boats with 50, 20 and 15 hp Honda motors, trolling motors, swivel seats and fish finders, based on availability. Our standard 15 foot boats with 15 hp 4 stroke motors have been tuned up and are waiting for the next fish feeding frenzy.

We expect a stellar fishing season this year. The past 2 years have seen a dramatic reduction in fishing pressure on the lake and the reported harvest numbers have been significantly lower than pre-2020. The fish have been growing and reproducing. If there was ever a time to get up here and get a line in the lake, this is the year. While accommodation availability is limited, there are still a few dates when we have a cabin open. It’s best to give us a call to check what is available.

We hope to see you up here this year!

-Dave and Julie (and Spruce)

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dmorin Dave and Julie Morin own and operate Two Moon Outpost Lodge on Lake Kipawa, Quebec.